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Jubilee R2 Part 3
For :iconjubilee-oct:

PART THREE: You're Here Now!
PART FOUR: Coming Minutes before the deadline.

Oh boy real life has kept me busy. Will very closely be coming down to the wire for Part 4. Okay, so hopefully this reads okay, I've chopped and changed the script so much, it probably reads extremely disjointed. But basically to anyone who didn't understand their exchange, BFOI Y3 Aidan was miserable as an Ace Trainer, he was in a negative and destructive headspace at the time. And now, since meeting Vron, quitting the Ace Trainers and moving to Alola over the past 3 years, he's managed to become a much more learned man at peace with himself. But, he's still afraid of becoming unhappy again. And that's what the house manifested. A physical representation of himself at the height of his unhappiness. And that's the painful reminder to him, of how bad a place he was in. And of course, it's Vron to snap him out of it, as she did over the course of the past 3 years. The fire was used because 1. It represents fear quickly spreading through Aidan's mind and emotions. 2. Y3 Aidan and Mega Blaziken were another height of his destructive negativeness. 3. It helped illustrate that what Aidan was seeing was an illusion when it all began to fade away.

Could Vron see what Aidan was seeing, I hear you ask. huehuehue I'll leave that up to your interpretation.

OH! I've run so behind on comments! I'll respond to everyone soon-promise!

:icontrainer48:'s Aidan and December the Eevee: Aidan's App, oh and Aidan too, I guess: Aidan's App
:iconcold-creature:'s Vron: Vron's App
Jubilee R2 Part 2
For :iconjubilee-oct:

PART TWO: You're Here Now!
PART THREE: Coming Later
PART FOUR: Coming Minutes before the deadline.

That's right. Idiot willingly stays in the house after he's met the requirements.

Aidan loved his battle so much with Manaka and Josephine, he figures, "Zomg, why not do this all night! I'll win all the candles." Then dipshit proceeds to lose a candle straight away. Then of course the house turns on him, there was no way I was letting him have an easy run this round XD

In terms of his deep-seated issues the house is manifesting, I won't go too much into it for now, I'll save it for the next page. Although to some, it may appear slightly obvious what it is already.

OH! And as much as I wish I could take credit for Aidan choosing to remain in the house, that was all :iconcold-creature:'s idea. I swear she sometimes knows my dork better than I do XD

:icontrainer48:'s Aidan and December the Eevee: Aidan's App
:iconyobot:'s Sly the Absol (in a quick flyby cameo): 
Nine's App

Jubilee R2 Part 1
For :iconjubilee-oct:

PART ONE: You're Here Now!
PART THREE: Coming Later
PART FOUR: Coming Minutes before the deadline.

I've had a blast working on this round so far! Usually building and city backgrounds annoy me because they have to be all lines and perfect compared to nature, but this came so easily to me this time, I think mostly because I had a strong idea on the style I wanted the backgrounds to be done in. Been looking up so many ref images of old ballrooms and mansions too. This opening battle came to me nearly immediately after reading the round journal. I knew that Aidan would aim to win two candles at once, just to raise the stakes for himself. And he would try and net two powerful trainers like Manaka and Josephine. Battle-hungry idiot. I have no idea what he would have done if he lost XD

Okay, so that's it, round over...... right? >.>

OH! Will definitely cameo someone's trainer if they can find the first little bit of ghostly fun I stuck into the background. It's a really small detail. X3

:icontrainer48:'s Aidan, Spalis the Sableye and Kuski the Lycanroc: Aidan's App
:iconsnazzychipz:'s Josephine and Hemlock the Volcarona: Josephine's App

:iconfreejayfly:'s Manaka and Kisshōten the Oricorio: Manaka's App
For :iconjubilee-oct:

I wasn't going to do a ref because Aidan's just sporting his usual look for this round, but I figured I'd better let everyone else know that, so just quickly threw something together because I've been away for 4 days. He's using December the Eevee, Spalis the Sableye and Kuski the Lycanroc in my entry, but feel free to use whichever Pokes you want, I don't mind. 

-He'll be aiming to obtain candles as quick as possible. But won't necessarily stop at three. Because he's a battle-loving butt.
-Ghost-types are one of his favourite types, so Aidan won't be getting spooked by their antics. He sees the wild Poke'mon in the mansion no different to a Caterpie or Pidgey out on a route somewhere.
-December is spooked af. May arch up easy like a scared cat.
-Spalis and Kuski are in their element here. They don't mind the goings-on around the house.
-Kuski is as battle-hungry as Aidan and Spalis will be trying to swipe any shiny goods left around the house, or give a malicious-looking grin to any trainers that come across him around a corner, just for spiteful fun.
-Aidan won't be jumpy, but if any of the other trainers actually set out to try and spook him, they'll succeed for sure. Though they will quickly be met with a Poke'mon battle challenge for their candles.
-Won't hesitate to wager multiple starchips candles on the line per battle. Or aim to challenge multiple trainers at once to double or triple battles.
-Will be on the lookout for friends to kill the night with, chat and adventure around with, particularly Vron.

Self Portrait
This is here because of all the butts on Discord that very easily influence me haha. A self portrait with a bit more realistic consideration than my usual stuff. I said to them it was kinda refreshing but weird to not draw with as much of an anime-influence. I definitely need to practice it more! I choose Cyndaquil to accompany me because it was my first ever Poke in Crystal.

Here are the others currently up on DA:

:iconzillar:'s who in turn was influenced by :iconkitastrophee:'s


Current Residence: NSW, Australia
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elric, Woody the Cowboy, Death the Kid
Yo, hey guys, so as of the last month I've become a freelance designer. I've got an official website/portfolio in the works, but it won't be ready for a few weeks yet, so I've got this one set up for the time being. Please check it out!! (And see some of my work that isn't Poke'mon/Digimon/Kingdom Hearts related XD

There's a link to my showreel on there too! ;//3
  • Listening to: The new Jungle Giants and Foster The People albums
  • Watching: Steven Universe and Pokemon Sun and Moon Series
  • Eating: Mi Goreng
  • Drinking: Cappuccino


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